The Rolling Stones just announced tour dates for 2019.     The band has played in Michigan numerous times over the years including a show in East Lansing.

According to, The Rolling Stones played in East Lansing at Spartan Stadium back in 1994.   This tour was in support of "Voodoo Lounge".

The show was on September 9th, 1994.   I remember the show being promoted but I could not get away from college in Ohio to see it.

The set list for the "Voodoo Lounge" show in East Lansing featured the most notable songs from that album, "Love is Strong" and "You Got Me Rocking".

A few other songs from the album made it into the list.   The song "The Worst" with Keith Richards on vocals  was played after Keith's other Stones spotlight, "Happy".

It would not be a Rolling Stones concert without many of their classics.  "Satisfaction", "Tumbling Dice", "Beast of Burden", "Miss You" and an encore of "Jumping Jack Flash" wrapped  up the night.

One of those shows I wish I had the chance to see.    I doubt I will make it to Solider Field in Chicago to see them in 2019.

I could not find any clips of the East Lansing show but there are many from the tour.

The band just released a "Voodoo Lounge" era show that they played in Miami called, "Voodoo Lounge Uncut".   The original video was released in 1995.   The new version is a new uncut remaster of the entire show.

Did you see the Rolling Stones in East Lansing?  Will you see them at all during the tour in 2019?





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