Pete Thamel of ESPN is reporting that Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren (pictured above) is a finalist to take over the presidency of the NFL's Chicago Bears.

Warren has been the commissioner of the Big Ten since 2019, when he replaced the retiring Jim Delany.

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Kevin has experience in NFL management as he was with the Minnesota Vikings as their chief financial officer before coming to the Big Ten three years ago.  He was instrumental in the building of US Bank Stadium, the Vikings current/new home field.

The Bears have struggled through a 3-12 season this year, heading into Sunday's road game at the Detroit Lions (which you can hear on The Game 730 AM WVFN at 12 noon on Sunday).  But they are looking at building a new stadium in the suburbs of Chicago to replace aging Soldier Field, which is just south of downtown Chicago.

Thamel reports that the Bears will wrap up their interviews in the coming weeks.

Warren has been a key figure in a couple of big deals with the Big Ten.  He negotiated a new multi-billion dollar TV deal with FOX, CBS, NBC, BTN, and Peacock earlier this year (which takes effect next fall).  And he was the leader of the pack that brought USC and UCLA to the Big Ten (which will happen in 2024).

The Bears current president, Ted Phillips, is retiring from his post after 20+ years with the club.

If Warren leaves his post with the Big Ten Conference, it is unclear as to who will take over as Big Ten Commissioner.  The league has had stability at that position over the last 50+ years.  Wayne Duke was the commish of the B1G from 1971-1989.  And then Jim Delaney took over for Duke and served from 1989-2019.

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