The election in November made recreational use of marijuana legal, and a Kalamazoo brewery owner is hoping to see a day when you can walk in to his bar, order a beer, and smoke a joint. His name is Mark Rupert, and he is the founder and namesake of Rupert's Brew House on West Michigan Ave. Currently the law does not allow use of marijuana in public places, so to see his dream come to fruition, Mark Rupert plans to periodically close his bar for invite only events. According to an article:

The events will offer a private setting for adults to bring their own marijuana to consume, while hanging out with like-minded people and sharing marijuana knowledge and products with each other.

Rupert plans to ask a membership fee per event, which is currently set at $5, though is subject to change. He also plans to make the events educational, with demonstrations on cultivation and the art of glass blowing. Keeping things legal and above board, marijuana and related paraphernalia will not be sold or bartered at these events; the idea is to come as you, be yourself, and network with like-minded individuals.

Could this be the first of many events like this in Kalamazoo? We'll have to wait and see.

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