Years after Cop Rock became a national punchline for singing police officers, cops have taken to lip syncing as they vie for viral supremacy. But the Fontana Police Department in California has a special cameo up their sleeves while hoping to put their video over the top -- Sammy Hagar.

The "Red Rocker" famously challenged the law with his 1984 video for "I Can't Drive 55," and the Fontana Police Department co-opted the classic for a lip sync video with an assist from Hagar himself.

The video starts with members of the police department spreading the news that "Sammy's back," as they all hit the streets looking for speeders and pulling over some pretty sleek vehicles in the process. We see by the end of the clip that Sammy has escaped the law once again. "All these years, I still can't drive 55. This time I got away with it," Hagar says with a "Woo!" for the camera.

Hagar is a Fontana native and agreed to be part of the lip sync challenge after a request from officer Tim Frydendall. “A Sammy Hagar song is a natural fit for Fontana, but I didn’t think we would ever end up with an appearance from Sammy Hagar,” said Frydendall in a statement to the Mercury News.

As stated, the Fontana video is just one of many homegrown police organization lip sync videos that have popped up in recent months as part of a lip sync challenge.

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