Baseball and Hockey have some of the most iconic jerseys in sports.  Ever wondered what baseball teams jerseys would look like as hockey jerseys? Check out these designs by Ferry Designs.

According to the story from CBS Sports, Ferry Designs came up with hockey jersey designs for all 30 Major League Baseball teams.  You can see the designs for all teams here.

Like most of the teams regular uniforms some are better than others.  I am not a fan of the Giants dark uniform. It is hard to see their logo in the middle of the jersey.

A few of these I could actually see fans of their teams wearing through out the year.  I personally would buy the Tigers one.

My wife pointed out to me that the Detroit Tigers one is very similar to the 2009 Red Wings Winter Classic jersey that featured the big white D.  You can still purchase one of those jersey's over at Amazon dot com.

The Red Wings jersey is red and white while the Tigers one is blue and white.

Will we ever see these released?  I would be curious to see if baseball fans would wear these in the warmer parts of the country.

What do you think?  Would you buy one if they were available?

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