The annual Seelye Ford Mustang Club show is Saturday from 10a-3p where I'll, once again this year, be broadcasting live from 11a-1p.  Over the years I've grown to appreciate the "Pony" car as never before.

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

I grew up in Kenosha, WI home of American Motors so I was always a Javelin and an AMX kinda guy.  But in the past 20 years I've found and have been schooled on the place in Americana that the Mustang holds.

So as we get ready for the event at Seelye Ford on Saturday, here are my top 5 Stock Mustangs...

1. The 1969 Fastaback

2.  The 1967 Fastback

3.  The 1966 Fastback Convertible

4.  The 1970 Mach 1

5.  The 1968


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