Marvel is back in theaters with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie set in the present of the MCU. (Black Widow was mostly set during the events of Phase Three.) Appropriately, the film has plenty of references to Marvel Comics and the MCU at large.

In our latest Shang-Chi video, we breakdown all the movie’s Easter eggs, references, and little things you might have missed. For example, the film begins with a shot of the banner of the Ten Rings, the group that was first introduced all the way back in the very first Iron Man. (Ah but how to do the two connect? We discuss this.) There’s also an appearance by the realm of Ta-Lo, which first appeared in Marvel Comics in the pages of Thor #301, where it was a pocket dimension that was home to the pantheon of Chinese gods.

And there are dozens more Easter eggs where those came from — watch them all below:

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