UPDATE (June 16): Sharon Osbourne this week shared a positive report after Ozzy's surgery, saying he is "doing well and on the road to recovery." See her statement here. A day after her update, Ozzy himself relayed a recuperative message — see that here.

Ozzy Osbourne has surgery scheduled next week that is "going to determine the rest of his life." That's what Sharon Osbourne, the media personality and Osbourne family figurehead who's the 73-year-old rock star's wife, explained on British TV this week.

Wrapping up TalkTV's The Talk live broadcast on Wednesday (June 8), Sharon told her co-hosts that she's traveling from the U.K. to Los Angeles for Ozzy's operation this upcoming Monday (June 13), as the Daily Express and other entertainment outlets reported.

In April, she also crossed the pond to be with Ozzy after he tested positive for COVID-19. Sharon subsequently contracted the virus as well. But Ozzy's injuries requiring surgery stem from a 2003 ATV accident that seriously wounded the former Black Sabbath singer and solo artist often called the "Prince of Darkness." He recently said he's unable to walk properly due to issues affecting his neck.

On Wednesday, Sharon said of Ozzy on The Talk, "He has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there. It's really going to determine the rest of his life."

She continued, referring to son Jack Osbourne's expectant child with his fiancée Aree Gearheart, "The next thing is, my son is going to have a daughter in about three weeks. And also, it's our 40th wedding anniversary [on] the first of July."

The Osbourne matriarch added, "Plus, the fact [that] I've got nine little dogs that miss me terribly. [But] I'm not going anywhere; you can't get rid of me now. The funny thing was that when I spoke to Ozzy today, he said, 'Have you been fired yet?'"

Last month, Ozzy seemed more intent on talking to their pet Pomeranian Rocky, as seen in a funny video from Jack. The clip of the FaceTime call emerged as proof that Ozzy remains as kind and ornery as ever, despite battling COVID and facing major surgery.

Skip to 55:00 in the below video for Sharon's Ozzy surgery update.

The Talk (TalkTV) Archived Livestream - June 8, 2022

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