The "DC" in DC Strong Dustan Colyer passed away back in 2017 but left a huge heart in the people and supporters of DC Strong.  One of the many miracles besides the numerous times he beat back death was his relationship with the band Shinedown.  He made an instant impression which affected them as it affected all of us that continues to this day.  And now it's taking another step; a global step that will help so many kids with cancer.

As "Just" Larry Gonzalez and Mark Linder revealed this morning, Shinedown, is releasing for a limited time, an acoustic version of "Unity" for the month of September with 100% of proceeds to go to DC Strong. Max of 50,000 downloads or till the end of the month (whichever comes first).  There is a required minimum donation of $2 to get the song and you can make donation at  After the song downloads/timeline ends, the song will be locked back in the vault.  So if people want it, they have to get it asap.

Keep up to date at and while you're there, check out some of the wonderful things that continue from what Dustan started.

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