As the coronavirus pandemic has spread, several people have noted the similarities to apocalyptic movies, and particular the early scenes of zombie movies, like the great Shaun of the Dead from director Edgar Wright and co-writers and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. And the similarity has not escaped the creators of Shaun of the Dead’s notice either — as Pegg and Frost today posted a public service announcement aimed at convincing people to stay home and promote social distancing that mirrors the conversations between Shaun and Ed in the film.

In this case, the plan is not to get to the Winchester — that would be against the rules of social distancing. Instead Simon and Nick plan to stay far, far away. Unfortunately, Simon is still hoarding toilet paper, which is a big no-no. The video concludes with the message “Don’t Panic! We can beat the apocalypse...together.”

Watch “The Plan” below.

And for comparison, here is “The Plan” from Shaun of the Dead.

So remember everyone: Don’t panic, and enjoy a nice cup of tea while you’re at home. That’s what Simon and Nick would do.

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