Winter. We knew it would happen sooner or later. But even though we go through the cold and snow, the sleet and ice, the freezing winds and rain every year, it still takes a little bit of getting used to; especially on the roads.

Today's forecast, like so many in the next few weeks calls for freezing rain this morning, which patches of ice and slick spots. Relearning how to drive in conditions like that can take some time. In an article on safe driving, driving instructor Rick Beauregard had a few helpful reminders when sliding on a slick road:

  • "...ease off the acceleration and allow your car to straighten itself out.”
  • Give yourself five to six seconds of space from the car in front of you
  • "...if it snows, you go slow."



Seems fairly elementary, I know, but every year we see an uptick in accidents during the first patch of inclimate weather. Make sure you tell new drivers, who might be driving on their first winter roads to take extra caution and stay alert.

Be careful out there, friends.  Be safe.

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