After the debut of their new songs "Cyr" and "The Colour of Love" at the end of last month, Smashing Pumpkins have officially announced their double album Cyr and a new animated series titled In Ashes.

Cyr was produced by frontman Billy Corgan and will feature 20 songs. Founding members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin joined Corgan in the making of the album, as well as guitarist Jeff Schroeder. The first two singles were synth, marking a whole new sound for the rockers. We'll be able to determine whether the rest follows suit when it comes out on Nov. 27 via Sumerian Records.

Pre-order Cyr here now, and see the album art and full track listing below.

In addition to the album announcement, the Pumpkins have also shared the trailer for their upcoming animated series In Ashes. The first two episodes of the five-part show will be available Friday, Sept. 25, along with more new music from Cyr. Watch the trailer below.

Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr Album Artwork + Track Listing

Sumerian Records
Sumerian Records

01. "The Colour of Love"
02. "Confessions of a Dopamine Addict"
03. "Cyr"
04. "Dulcet In E"
05. "Wrath"
06. "Ramona"
07. "Anno Satana"
08. "Birch Grove"
09. "Wyttch"
10. "Starrcraft"
11. "Purple Blood"
12. "Save Your Tears"
13. "Telegenix"
14. "Black Forest, Black Hills"
15. "Adrennalynne"
16. "Haunted"
17. "The Hidden Sun"
18. "Schaudenfreud"
19. "Tyger, Tyger"
20. "Minerva"

Smashing Pumpkins - In Ashes Trailer

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