South Haven reminds natives and tourists planning on soaking up the sun and frolicking in Lake Michigan that smoking is now banned in all city parks and beaches.

Toxic. Ugly. Disgusting. Inconsiderate. Illegal. Numerous complaints about second-hand smoke in the air and discarded cigarette butts left in the sand prompted South Haven city officials to pass an ordinance banning smoking at public beaches and city parks late last Summer. The prohibition against smoking in public parks "is in addition to prohibitions against smoking set forth in state law and in other ordinances or regulations and shall not be construed to permit smoking in areas where it is prohibited by state law" as set forth in Section 58-102 of the Code of Ordinances.

The ban includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes and e-cigarettes inside parks/beaches and within 20 feet of entrances. A violation is a civil infraction with a fine of $50.00 for a first offense, $100.00 for a second offense, $250.00 for a third offense, and $500.00 for a fourth and each subsequent offense.

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