With a canon of more than 20 albums, John Mellencamp has a lot of songs to select from on tour. He has apparently forgotten these 6 monster hit songs.

Many decisions go into making a setlist for live concert: crowd favorites, selections from the new album, songs the singer enjoys playing, even tunes the band may or may not know from the catalog are considerations. Famous for being cantankerous, John Mellencamp has quit playing these big hit records for one reason or another.

  • 1

    I Need a Lover

    His very first single from the "Johnny Cougar" days of 1978, Mellencamp hasn't performed this song since 2008. Look at how adorable he is dancing and lip-synching on Top of the Pops.

  • 2

    Ain't Even Done with the Night

    His leopard-print sportcoat sets him off from the band dressed in matching outfits in this early MTV video. The song has been abandoned since his 2005 tour.

  • 3

    Wild Night

    The 2005 'Words & Music Tour' was the last time John played his Van Morrison update live.

  • 4

    Lonely Ol' Night

    2007 is the last time this Top 10 hit from Scarecrow made it onto the setlist.

  • 5

    Get A Leg Up

    It went to #1 at the time but the first single from Whenever We Wanted hasn't been played live since 2002.

  • 6

    R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.

    The biggest surprise on the list, it seems Mellencamp has, indeed, forgotten abotu James Brown, et al as his anthem subtitled "Salute to 60's rock" was played once in 2015 and never since. Enjoy this 1995 Farm Aid rendition.

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