Grand Rapids, Michigan, looking to de-prioritize using, possessing, growing or giving your friends psychedelic mushrooms.

When I saw this I thought...really? Now I thought someday marijuana would be legalized but didn't think it would happen as soon as it did, but I never thought psychedelic mushrooms would be de-prioritized which basically means you won't get arrested for tripping.

According to FOX 17, as soon as this fall you may be able to possess shrooms. Grand Rapids Commissioner Kurt Reppart said, "this isn't a decriminalization per say, it's de-prioritization. It's allowing for what's called the grow, gift, gather model, outside of that, the rest is illegal."

Now I'm a bit confused about that statement so let me see if I get this correct, you can grow psychedelic mushrooms, use them, give them as gifts to friends and family and gather them...but anything else is illegal. I'm not sure what I'm missing here other than you can't sell them and I guess that would be the illegal part.

They are not just talking about psychedelic mushrooms either, this de-prioritization will also include cacti that has mescaline, ayahuasca and ibogaine.

Now these plants are known for being able to be used as medicines for treating post-traumatic stress, addiction, depression, anxiety and end of life suffering and oh let's not forget about all the stories that come out of Silicon Valley, California where many have used these items to create and invent many items we use today.

They say these drugs are non addictive and you can't overdose on them and because they can and are used as medicine that de-prioritization may be the best way to get these to the public for those who need them.

This whole idea, well, just trips me out. I guess we will find out in the fall if Grand Rapids will be trippin' or not.

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