Watch your speed...local law enforcement is. During a statewide crackdown, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief doubles down on writing speeding tickets.

If you thought fewer drivers on the road during the Coronavirus pandemic meant fewer accidents, you are correct. If you thought this statistic meant fewer deaths, you are sadly mistaken.

While Michigan saw a 22% reduction in traffic crashes (245,432 in 2020 compared to 314,377 in 2019), but there was an alarming increase in fatalities. Crash data from the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center indicates 1,083 people died from crashes on Michigan roads in 2020, a 10-percent increase over 2019, with 985 deaths reported. In 2020, there were 200 speed-related fatalities on Michigan roadways compared to 185 in 2019, an 8% increase.

In an effort to keep everyone safer, Michigan State Police have alerted drivers to expect enhanced enforcement on speeding violations, with a crackdown focusing on June 19-27. Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief Coakley says his officers will be hyper-focused as well.

While the pandemic caused a drop in overall traffic miles driven, nationally, the number of fatal crashes increased — and data shows speeding was a major factor in many of these tragic crashes. During the 'Great Lakes, High Stakes' campaign, we will be working with our fellow law enforcement agencies across the state to ensure the message gets out to drivers that speeding will not be tolerated on our roadways.

-KDPS Chief Vernon Coakley

Be warned, more than thirty municipal, county and Michigan State Police law enforcement agencies are watching. If you get caught, that speeding ticket will cost you $115- $135 on average.

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