As the era without in-person concerts continues amid a worldwide pandemic, Steel Panther continue to give back to their community. They've already supported animal rescues, exotic dancers, Live Nation's Crew Nation COVID-19 relief fund and now they're trying to help out concert photographers with a 14-week virtual photo exhibit dubbed, 'Sex, JPEGS and Rock & Roll.'

The notorious glam band has partnered with seven photographers, all of whom have shot Steel Panther live at various points throughout their two-decade-long career. The members of Panther worked with each photographer to hand select an assortment of photos, which will be available for purchase online for a period of two weeks before the next photographer's work is featured.

Fans will have three options to select from when purchasing a print: premium matte poster, framed canvas or framed print.

"You see them all the time. They block your view for the first three songs and you may even kick them in the back of the head while crowd surfing, but these unsung heroes never complain or kick you back," said Steel Panther.

"These photographers have been friends of Steel Panther for a while and we decided for all they have done for us, this was the least we can do," they continued, "So grab your fancy berets and prepare to learn a thing or two from Steel Panther photography exhibit 'Sex, JPEGS and Rock & Roll.' Admission is free so don’t be cheap and buy something to support these artists."

View the online photo gallery and purchase a print here and check out which photographers will be featured below.

Steel Panther had previously suggested that they may release a new EP in early 2021 and, at the end of last year, they said "Fuck 2020" in a new song.

Steel Panther, 'Sex, JPEGS and Rock & Roll' Photo Exhibition Schedule

Feb 01 — Niall Fennessy (interviewed by Stix)
Feb 15 — Joe Lester (interviewed by Satchel)
Mar 01 — Richard Booth (interviewed by Satchel)
Mar 15 — Evil Robb (interviewed by Michael)
Mar 29 — Pamela Sprenger (interviewed by Lexxi)
Apr 12 — Charlie Steffens (interviewed by Michael)
Apr 26 — David Jackson (interviewed by Stix)

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