Sunday is April 1st and as the calendar changes it is time to remember to pick up a new fishing license for 2018.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Sunday, April 1st is the first day that a new license is required to fish in the State of Michigan.

With the purchase of a new license, you will be able to fish all species in the State of Michigan from April 1st until March 31st of next year 2019.

This year a resident license will cost you $26.  If you are a resident senior 65 or over it will be $11.  There are six other options for license purchases and you can get more details on those from the Michigan DNR.

There are a couple ways to purchase a license either by E-license system or by visiting a license retailer or DNR service center.

If you do not have a license there will be another free fishing weekend for resident and non residents the weekend of  June 9 and 10.   You will be allowed to fish without a license through out the state that weekend.

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