I'm not a tattoo guy and don't think I ever will be.  And, frankly, the popularity of tattoos baffles me.  I understand that people want to express themselves, but to permanently ink one's body never enticed me.

Now, I'm not saying tattoos are wrong, but I do think people go way too far and, in some cases, the body art becomes a hindrance in their lives either because it's so overt, possibly offensive, or just not accepted by general society.

Spencer Platt- Getty Images

The fact exists that some "tatted" individuals are not hired for positions because of the extremes they went to with the ink.  And before you say that people shouldn't be judged by the "colors" of their skin, tattoos are a choice.

Two of my daughters have tattoos and I've reminded them of some of these realities and also that, unless you pay for expensive surgery, tattoos are forever.  So let's take a look into the future with this YouTube video...