The Rocker Morning show hasn't talked to Ted in a while.  Actually, you don't talk to Uncle Ted, you say hello and then let "The Nuge" happen all over you.  And coming up next month on the 30th and now the 31st, you'll have a chance to experience his call of the wild at the State Theatre.
Tickets for the 2nd show go on sale Friday.  Click HERE when the time comes.  So anyway, tomorrow morning just after 7, get ready to jump in and hang on.  It's sure to be an exciting ride.  In the meantime check out what Ted said about Hillary Clinton on

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The use of classic rock songs by campaigning politicians has been all over the news recently, with artists such as Queen, the Turtles and the Rolling Stones criticizing presidential candidate Donald Trump for using their music during last week's Republican National Convention.

John Mellencamp and Heart even teamed up to record a satirical anthem called "Don't Use Our Song" for John Oliver on his HBO show. So with the Democratic National Convention taking place this week, we decided to ask Trump supporter and noted conservative Ted Nugent for his thoughts on the intellectual property rights of his fellow artists, what song he'd like to hear when Trump takes the stage and what would happen (if hell froze over and) Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton strolled out for her acceptance speech to the strains of, say, his 1976 classic "Free for All."

Here are the normally verbose Motor City Madman's surprisingly concise answers.

What do you think of musicians such as Queen, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones asking Donald Trump not to use their music? Should it be within a musician’s rights to dictate who can and can’t use their songs in that manner?
Ownership of intellectual property is sacred to those of us who create it, and no one has any right to it without our permission.

Which of your songs would you most like to see Mr. Trump use during
his campaign stops?
"Stranglehold" would clinch the presidency.

How would you react if Hillary Clinton used one of your songs during the Democratic National Convention?
We would know the end is near.

Ted Nugent is currently in the middle of his Sonic Baptizm 2016 tour. You can get complete date, ticket and VIP package information at his official website.

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