Ted Nugent called Tommy Lee a “convicted felon, domestic violence heroin addict” as he recalled an argument he had with the producers of Sammy Hagar’s TV show over the Motley Crue drummer.

Lee appeared in the first season of Hagar’s Rock & Roll Road Trip. Nugent was featured in the most recent season – but only after a dispute in which he said he urged Hagar to “coldcock” the AXS TV network to ensure his appearance.

“The producers wouldn't let him near me, even though he and I go way back - we're dear friends,” Nugent said in a new interview with Blunt Force Truth. “They thought I was dangerous, that I'd come out with a machine gun or I'd slaughter an innocent fawn on television. This is stupidity!”

Nugent recalled: “I said, ‘So, your producers were afraid of me, but they did a show with Tommy Lee, who's a convicted felon, domestic violence heroin addict. They're okay with this guy, but not with the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity, teaching kids to be clean and sober?’ I said, ‘Sammy, coldcock those sons of bitches and get out and let's do the show.’ So, finally, they dangerously acquiesced.”

The guitarist said Hagar asked him why he seemed so happy all the time, and that the singer didn't understand his answer at first. “My first response [was], ‘I’ve been clean and sober all my life, Sammy, so I pick up on positives, and I choose to go with positives. And positive, intelligent stuff makes you happy.’”

He noted that Hagar “finally had to admit, live on his program, yeah, there's a buoyancy to what I call ‘life radar,' that sensual stimuli appreciation of your surroundings. I talked about the bird songs that I can hear with my hearing aids — the taste-bud orgy that gives a happy culinary pursuit. … Clean and sober is the foundation of the happiest life in the world, ‘cause you can make clever choices.”


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