Every once in a while I will catch myself caught up in a day dream on what I would do if I run into a windfall of cash, cheddar, dinero, moolah, benji's or whatever you want to call it. I bring this up because starting September 28th you will get your shot at making this day dream a reality as we present the WRKR 10K Giveaway.  Stefani and I will give you your first chance at 8:10 am. Then at 10 after the hour for 10 hours (see what we're doing here?) you get more and more chances to win.

Now a lot of us could use ten grand to catch up on some bills, take a nice vacation or even stash it for the next pandemic but keep in mind, there are other things you could do too.  On that note, allow me share with you what you could do (but are highly unlikely to do) with $10,000:

10) Hire a British butler for the day and call him Alfred.

9) Send Ted Nugent a box of covid masks autographed by Nancy Pelosi

8) Buy two rolls of toilet paper and two bottles of sanitized wipes on Amazon

7) Join New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft at a spa for the day.

6) Hire a speech therapist and learn how to pronounce the word "Worcestershire"

5) Buy wine that doesn't come in a box.

4) Hire someone to follow you around and do air quotes every time you speak.

3) Buy the playbook from the Detroit Lions next opponent and give it to them...oops, never mind, that's from my 10 ways to waste your money list.

2) Write a book called "Driving in roundabouts for dummies" and pass them out at the  Sprinkle rd. roundabout.

1) Buy a Governors mansion backdrop for your next Zoom or Teams meeting and convince everyone in the meeting you are loaning the money to Governor Whitmer to  help fix the damn roads in front of your house.

Well, there ya go. Keep in mind there s one thing you won't have to spend any money on. The WRKR app. It's the first step in winning the money. Download the FREE appnow and show everyone just how fiscally savvy you are by investing nothing on a venture that could net you $10,000. Quite the ROI if I say so myself.

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