Being born in Michigan and spending the majority of my life here, I love finding out new things about the Mitten state.

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Recently I learned about a town in Michigan that earned the nickname "Pancake Town" after what happened back in 1937.

This is how Glenn Earned The Nickname "Pancake Town"

Credit: The Glenn Community Center via Facebook
Credit: The Glenn Community Center via Facebook

Back in the 1930s before I-196 was built in West Michigan, if you wanted to travel along the Lake Michigan shoreline, the main road you would take to and from Chicago was U.S. 31 which went right through Glenn, Michigan.

In 1937 Glenn Got Hit With A Snowstorm

Winter park in snowWinter park in snow
Hydromet, ThinkStock

Anyone that's been in West Michigan during the winter knows that lake effect snow can be intense. On December 7th, 1937 was hit by a snowstorm that shut down everything and left tourists and travelers stuck.

According to Mlive for three days, around 200 motorists and travelers were stranded in Glenn. Tourists filled the restaurant, and schoolhouse and residents opened their homes for people to stay.

What Did They Feed All The Stranded Tourists?

Golden Pancakes
Marie Fields, ThinkStock

Supplies ran low very quickly except for something that had been delivered just before the snowstorm hit the town. A big supply of pancake flour With so many unexpected guests, supplies ran low, except for a large supply of pancake flour. The town and tourists survived by eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What Happened After The Snowstorm?

Within a few days, word traveled across Michigan and the country. People quickly became interested in visiting Glenn and trying the pancakes. A month later the people of Glenn decided to organize a pancake festival which is still happening to this day.

I can't help but wonder what if the delivery was for waffle mix? would Glenn be called "Waffle City"? or what about "Oatmeal City"?

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