As we continue to find more ways to navigate the restrictions and obstacles of the pandemic, the idea of the "stay-cation" has been more popular than ever.  With only a month left there are still some new destinations to consider.

Upon hearing about this bear ranch, I found myself being transported back in time to the late 60s and early 70s when my family used to stay at a resort in the Upper Peninsula called Lac LaBelle.  There was a garbage dump nearby and we would drive there just before sunset and watch the bears come in to eat.  What a sight for a kid!

Well now that I'm all grown up (physically) maybe it's time to go back up there and enjoy the bears again.  And this time in a controlled environment.

There's a place in Newberry, MI called Oswald's Bear Ranch and it's the largest of it's kind in the United States.  What's really cool is, not only can you check them out, you can also get your picture taken with the bear cubs.

What's also cool is that every bear there (rhymes) has been rescued and a lot of them when they were very young.  There are 38 in all right now and they've got plenty of room to roam on the 240 acre ranch.

There are no cages except for the cubs and they even hibernate in the winter.  As a point of reference the ranch is about 90 minute drive west of the "Mighty Mac" and has space for camping and RVs.  If you want more information click HERE.

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