One of the biggest music industry events happens this week in Anaheim, California.  The NAMM Show.  I was lucky enough to attend the event back in 1996.

NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants and is held every year in Anaheim.

This event showcases what is new in the world of musical instruments, recording gear and virtually anything in the world of music merchandise.

I had a chance to go to this event as part of the group organization I was in at college.

Usually to get into the event you need to be a member or you need to apply and qualify to be a general attendee.

Besides the huge amount of equipment you can look at, there are various music forums.  One I attended featured Quincy Jones, Don Was, Phil Ramone and others talking about being a producer.    I still remember Quincy talking in depth about the "We Are The World" recording session.

NAMM also features many after hours parties and jam sessions featuring many of the artists who attended the event.

I unfortunately didn't get a chance to see many of these at the time I was there.   The only artist I can remember seeing was bassist Victor Wooten who plays with Bela Fleck.

I also was unlucky to run into any major artists hanging out at any of the booths. Artists  who attend the  show will hang out at the booths for gear they endorse.

At the time of the show, I was really into recording gear  and spent most of my time walking around the huge convention center seeking out booths who had the latest gear.

If you are ever lucky enough to attend it is worth it.  Hopefully I will get another opportunity to go again in the future.





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