Clark Lake lies south of Jackson in Jackson County...thousands of people come here every year to swim, fish, boat, eat, drink, and vacation. But only a few people know about the 'ghost village' that is buried under the lake's waters, fifteen-to-twenty seven feet deep.

This 'village' is not made of old houses, stores or any type of's more like a graveyard for boats, jet skis, and other aquatic items.

It was formed by professional divers who took it upon themselves to salvage many boats, boat lifts, a snowmobile, sleds, jetskis, and platforms that had sunk beneath the surface in various places throughout the lake. They dragged all of them to an area about 60 yards off the west end, near Columbia Township Park. Divers confirm that many of these boats and other items are many decades old.

Of course, during the process of salvaging items for the underwater graveyard, the divers were also collecting trash off the bottom of the lake, making it nicer for swimmers and other divers.

Take a look at the photos below to see some of these underwater graveyard items.

Then maybe some summer you can grab your diving gear and check out this underwater graveyard for yourself. take an underwater camera if/when you do!


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