In a recent interview with The Coda Collection, The Who's Roger Daltrey says he doesn't know if the band will ever make any more new music. Daltrey doesn't see the point in making more music but also isn't ruling it completely out.

"There's no point in making any music if you can't earn a living out of it," explains the singer. "For me anyway. You know, what's the point. On the last record, it cost me money to make it. I don't see the point in doing much of that, you know? I'm too working class for that. I've been working since my 15th birthday and to go out and not get paid for a job, I don't mind if it's a charity, but I have a family to feed as well, a lot of grandchildren, a lot of children."

Daltrey goes on to say, "It's tricky. I don't know whether we will ever make any more new music, but I never say never. Let's put it that way."

The vocalist also discusses his current relationship with Pete Townshend in the interview, which has changed over the years, and says that they get along great. Daltrey said, "I speak to Pete once a year, I haven't seen him for two years. I miss him, seeing him always enjoy seeing him. But we're not that kind of friend we don't need to be, we know we're there for each other there's a deep love. I've always been a bit of a loner anyway."

The band is currently promoting a documentary, Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who that features never-before-seen footage, interviews with Townshend and Daltrey, and captures the band's origins and influence over the last 50+ years.

Daltrey said this about the documentary, "It's not easy to capture in film the power and energy of any rock band, especially the four characters that made up The Who, the brilliance of Pete Townshend's music, and the magic that happened between Pete, John, Keith, and myself. But Who fans tell me Amazing Journey does just that."

The Who singer/co-founder goes on to say, "From the moment that Keith [Moon] joined us in The Railway Hotel back in 1964 it was like a bottle of champagne being uncorked. We just clicked. And here we are, all these years later -- we've lost our dear bandmates Keith and John, and Pete and I continue to play together and carry this story forward."

Check out the Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who and the full Daltrey interview via Coda Collection.

Roger Daltrey Discusses Pete Townshend + The Who's Future With The Coda Collection

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