You may or may not remember that back in February the National Forest Service announced that alcohol will be prohibited on some rivers up north.  That, of course, got many people riled up and nervous that the ban would extend to all rivers in Michigan.  A lot of concerned parties felt that there are certain things that don't require absolutes.  Well guess what?  For once common sense may prevail.

According to an article on, the National Forest Service has a new plan to replace the outright ban on alcohol on Michigan rivers.  The Forest Service has decided on a more self-policing approach.  In fact, they even have a name for it called: "The It's All Yours" campaign.  As in: "This beer is all mine.  Keep your damn hands off"!!!  But seriously, they do have legitimate concerns about bad behavior and littering so we'll see if common sense spreads to the people with the beer on the rivers.  Get more information by clicking HERE.


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