Michigan becomes the first state in the Great Lakes to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Wonder which counties voted strongest for the proposal?

The most pro-pot county with a 67% approval vote is the one that is home to U of M - Ann Arbor's Washtenaw.

Michigan's capital and home to our Agricultural College was the county that supported marijuana the next strongest. Ingham County with Lansing and East Lansing approved the hippie lettuce by a +64% margin.

Wayne, the largest county in the state, was just one percentage point higher in approval total than Kalamazoo. Wayne 61% - Kalamazoo 60%.

The most disapproving counties in the state were Missaukee located in the vast wilderness between Grand Rapids and Traverse City at 60.27% NO just a few decimal point more disappointing than Huron County (60.13%) in the Thumb.

See the full list of Michigan's 83 counties and how they voted on the marijuana question as tabulated by the Associated Press.

[h/t reddit]

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