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The Mitten.

The Mitten State.

Pure Michigan.

This is our home. From the Motown sounds of the Motor City all the way across the mighty Mackinac Bridge, we love it here.

Pick your spot. Pick your favorite city. Pick your favorite festival.

From the Woodward Dream Cruise to the Traverse City Cherry Festival, we've got a little of everything for everyone.

And in some cases, a lot of somethings we could really do without.

Making a list and checking it twice.

We've come up with a wonderful little list (from the silly to the mundane) of things we don't need more of in Michigan.

Who made the cut and who didn't?

We've got a plethora of wildlife and a fair amount of them stink. Literally.

Travel destinations and sightseeing destinations that we've got more than our fair share of in the country.

And speaking of destinations, how we get there features prominently in our gallery. From the snow, to the roads under construction, to the potholes that made headlines and became a catchphrase, we've got plenty for you to see and disagree with.

So take your time and scroll through our gallery. Let us know what you liked, you hated, and what made you chuckle.

Please don't take any of this personally. Unless you're from Ohio or Illinois. We meant what we said about you and you may proceed back to the state line if you have a problem.

Hit us up on our station app chat or our socials to let us know what you think.

Too Many in Michigan: 24 Things Our State Doesn't Need More Of

(Gallery) Too Many in Michigan: 24 Things Our State Doesn't Need More Of

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