With so many conflicting statistics, studies and ways of presenting information, it's hard to know who or what to believe. Who do Michiganders trust the most?

The White House, the Governor, the Surgeon General, the Coronavirus Task Force, the television news, your friends on Facebook...everyone seems to have an opinion on the pandemic and what the next course of action should or definitely shouldn't be. Who can you believe? While I can't presume to tell you that, I can share the results of a University of Michigan study.

Sources of information on COVID-19: Ranked most to least trusted

  1. Health Care Provider
  2. CDC
  3. Dr. Fauci
  4. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  5. Governor Whitmer
  6. County Health Department
  7. Friends & Family
  8. Health Insurance Provider
  9. President Trump
  10. National/Network TV News
  11. Traditional Print News
  12. Michigan Legislature
  13. Social Media

However, (and this is a big one) researchers found that "there is a significant mismatch between the most-used sources of information and those that are the most trusted." Less than 10% say information gathered on social media is highly trustworthy, but that is the most-used source for COVID information for more than half of the respondents.  Survey respondents also have concerns about misinformation and believe that some information sources have an agenda.

You can dig in to the University of Michigan study here and also research the World Health Organization's "Mythbusters" site for the facts regarding COVID-19.

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