Christmas is over and it's time to take the decorations down and get rid of the tree, but you don't just have to put it out with the garbage.

For the "Real Tree" enthusiasts out there, getting rid of the tree after the holiday is over is an annual tradition. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that dumping the tree out with the garbage is their only option.

I understand that dumping the tree with the garbage might seem like the easiest option, but I'm not a fan. It just doesn't seem right to me that something that a few days ago was the center of the entire Christmas holiday should be sitting with the garbage.

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If you are going to throw your tree out with the trash, make sure to check that your city has a mulch plan for the trees. Some cities will use a wood chipper to make mulch that will be used in city landscaping.

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What Are Some Other Options To Get Rid of My Christmas Tree?

There are actually a few creative ways that you can get rid of your old Christmas Tree, that actually help other people and animals.

Start by calling your local zoo and seeing if they would like the tree. If the zoo has goats, they will probably be happy to take it off your hands. The goats love to eat the pine needles, especially after they are dried.

Goats Chew Away Dry Brush
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If you don't have a zoo near you, see if there is a farm that has goats living there. This is a great way to get the tree out of your house, and into the stomach of an animal that loves them.

Put Your Old Christmas Tree Out For The Birds

This is one of the more popular methods of getting rid of your old Christmas Tree because you still get to enjoy it after the season.


The idea is that you put the tree somewhere in your yard, and sprinkle birdseed on and around the tree. I've even known people to cover some of the bare branches with peanut butter and then cover it with bird seeds.

This way birds get to eat and use the tree as shelter until spring when they can make a permanent nest. I love this idea, but you are still going to have to deal with what's left of the tree in the spring.

How Do You Feel About A Tree Suit?

I'm not even sure how someone would pull this off, but I found the picture below and had to include it as an option.

Man Wearing Christmas Tree Aims To Spread Holiday Joy Around New York City
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I think the best option for any real tree enthusiast is to work towards using the same tree every year.

I had no idea this was a thing until recently, but a growing number of people are keeping a root system on their tree and replanting it every year so they can keep using the same tree. I LOVE this idea!

If you are going to make the transition to a real tree next year, check out a few of the tips below on how to keep it alive and looking great all season.

Michiganders Weigh in on how to Keep A Real Tree Alive This Christmas

So you've made the decision to get a real Christmas Tree this year? Congratulations, now you just need to follow these tips on how to keep it alive.

Here are 10 tested tips from Michiganders to keep your Christmas Tree looking great all season long.

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