Not going to lie but the idea for this top 5 list came from a article I saw about a Marijuana dispensary that was donating 500 Turkeys to families in need this Thanksgiving. The owner of the Greenhouse in Walled Lake Michigan wants to give back to the community he grew up in. He is thankful for all blessings brought his way.

I'm thankful for the idea triggered by the headline for my newest Top 5 list. Guess you could say we're both thankful for all blessings brought our way. So thank you Greenhouse and on that note, here we go with our latest Top 5.

Top 5 things Turkeys and Marijuana have in common.

5) Turkeys can be deliciously smoked and so can Marijuana

4) Eating Turkey and smoking weed can make you want to nap

3) Turkeys have poor vision at night and can barely keep their reddened eyes open...sound familiar?

2) A Cannabis Honey Whiskey Sour drink can be made with Wild Turkey Whiskey.

1) The elongated snood on a Turkey is the thin fleshy protuberance that hangs over the male Turkey's beak. The marijuana designed snood designed for your hair can be ordered on Etsy.

Well there you go. You just learned more about what Turkeys and Marijuana have in common than you ever thought possible. So this Thanksgiving, lets be thankful for Turkey and Marijuana and cherish all they have in common.

Direct anybody you know that feels they are eligible for a free Turkey to call Greenhouse of Walled Lake at 1-833-644-7336 to reserve a turkey.

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