Today September 12th is National Video Games Day.  Today we remember some of the favorite Fighting Beat-Em up Arcade Games from the past.

According to National Day Calendar, Today is National Video Games Day celebrating Video Games.   Today I have a list of Five Favorite Fighting, Beat-Em Arcade Games to remember on this day.

Golden Axe (1989)

This game was a favorite of mine when it was released.  Along with all the games on this list, this game was featured at the arcade inside our local pizza parlor.  It was a side scrolling game where you could play as a barbarian, an elf or an amazon warrior. You would kill the various henchman by using weapons, kicking and using magic.  The play is very similar to another favorite, "Double Dragon".  One of the more memorable parts of the game, was you could kick or hit sprites that would pop up and give you food or magic.

Double Dragon (1987)

This game was an early favorite at the arcade I would hang out at.   There was always someone hanging out playing it and after playing it I can see why.  If you don't remember this game, it was about a couple brothers who try to rescue one of the brothers girlfriend.  It was another scrolling game which you fight various gang members.  You use various kicking and punching actions to kill enemies.  You could also use various items that were lying around such as: baseball bats, whips, rocks, oil drums and more, to aid in defeating the enemies.  The game inspired numerous sequels, home versions and even a film.


Ninja Gaiden (1988)

This game, (along with the Nintendo Version) had to have been one of the hardest games out there.   I usually didn't have much money, which means I didn't get a chance to play this much.   It was a cool looking game that featured a ninja as the main character.  It also had the same style of play as "Double Dragon".  You do have the option of getting a sword to attack, but I always liked the fact that you could do flips and throws of the various henchman you fight in the game.  You could also hang and swing off of poles and signs.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (1989)

There has been a bunch of games related to the "Turtles" over the years.  This was probably my favorite of the ones released.  This game like the original "Double Dragon" ,was a must play and was very popular at my local arcade.   If you didn't get a chance to play it, it was a scrolling game that let you play as one of the "Ninja Turtles".  You would battle the Foot Soldiers along with the various boss characters leading up to Shredder.    If you were lucky enough to have the 4 player version in your arcade,  you could play with all four "Turtles".   Out of all of the games on the list,  I think this is the one I spent the most quarters on and ended up beating.  It still holds up as I had a chance to play it on a recent trip to the Wisconsin Dells.


Mortal Kombat (1992)

This game was probably the one, along with "Ninja Gaiden", that I played the least.   I was more familiar with the Sega Genesis version, which I played quite a bit in the mid 90's.  This game,  (along with "Street Fighter") is the best fighting game ever.  I figured it out at home, but I could never get that good at fighting in the arcade version.  This game each fighter had their own finisher and fatalities.   I was always a fan of playing as Scorpion, Raiden and Sub Zero, who all had crazy, violent moves.  Just wish I had more quarters to play the arcade version well. It is a classic that a lot like "Double Dragon", inspired sequels, home versions and a film series.