The partying that happens on the shallow sandbars of Torch Lake has long been a Northern Michigan tradition. But after years of celebrations that some deemed out of control, there is a lot more police presence on the lake.

An article from shows Antrim County sheriff's deputies patroling the sandbar.

Extra law enforcement are making sure it doesn’t get out of hand like years past.

“It’s been great. It’s been real quiet, lots of families, lots of people enjoying the weather. The weather has been fantastic so it’s been a great fourth so far,” Antrim County marine deputy Joe Clark said.

Torch Lake is calm compared to previous years.

The extra patrols stem from a major 2015 lawsuit after party-goers damaged property and littered the water and beach with trash.

Even with the additional police presence, a small armada of boats again converged around Torch lake for some mid-summer partying as this video captures.

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