For those who head out for Taco Tuesday in Battle Creek and make Torti Taco a regular stop, you’ll notice that all three locations next week will be closed down. Fortunately, this is not a permanent closure and will only last the entire week from May 29 until June 4. They plan on opening up again Monday, June 5.

The reason all three locations will be shut down as for a reason you don’t often see, especially with small, locally, owned businesses. According to Javier, one of the owners, they are giving their entire staff a week off for themselves and their families. He also stated how during this downtime, they would be reflecting on how they can improve their business:

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I wanted to give my staff and myself some time. Time to rest, to spend time with friends and family and to regroup. At Torti, we pride ourselves in customer service and over all creating a time to remember with us, leaving you wanting to come back. While we are closed, I want to focus on big changes and ways that we can better serve the people that keep us going. If you have a catered or booked event, please do not worry, we have not forgot about you and will continue everything as planned.- Javier

Big Impact

The community has already reached out and recognized the effort Torti has made during the past few years with their expansion:

Javier, you and your family have been a blessing to our community and we hope and pray that you return with a renewed energy and spirit. -Tom

It will be business as usual June 4th.

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