Have you ever wanted to own an animal that is an oddity and truly one of a kind? This may seem surprising to some but from what I've heard animals who are missing limbs or an eye or ear, for example, don't last very long on the adoption market. Recently, Sour Cream and Onion, two sister cats that are up for adoption at Jackson County Animal Shelter were acting cuddly as always and the folks at the shelter decided they would come up with an adorably funny way to advertise the kittens, which will no doubt lead to them getting claimed. They claimed they were a two-headed cat and the response they got was overwhelming:

RARE FIND. Adopt this 2 headed cat and you get a great deal! Only $80!!! Double love. Sour Cream & Onion are ready to go home today!
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This was obviously a joke that many people caught on to:
Ah there's the give away they're really two cats, the middle curled up paw... cleaver attention getter! Hope they get adopted to their forever loving home soon.

Karens To The Rescue

Of course, you can't forget about the Karens who didn't come to have fun on Facebook:

If it's two cats, thought it stupid to post as one with two heads

Don't forget to never have fun with anything either:

Hopefully this is a joke and not true. If this were true, the only thing works be to do the humane thing and put them out of this suffering.

Good lord people. Just laugh.

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