Nearly 400 students at the University of Michigan have had their M-Cards deactivated.

The University of Michigan has taken action against 375 undergraduate students for not following COVID-19 testing requirements. The university has policies in place to fight COVID-19, one of which is weekly testing. All students who live, work or learn on campus, or who have access to campus buildings and facilities are required to get weekly coronavirus tests through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program.

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The 375 undergraduate students failed to comply with the mandatory COVID-19 testing requirements have had the M-Card access to non-residential campus buildings deactivated. Students that were identified as being out of compliance were notified through email notifications from the Compliance and Accountability Team on March 2nd.

The notification sent on Tuesday should not come as a surprise to the recipients...Prior to this notification, students were sent reminders via email and ResponsiBLUE that they needed to complete their weekly test because they are in the mandatory testing cohort...said Sarah Daniels, associate dean of students and a member of the Compliance and Accountability Team. 

The loss of building access is just one of the accountability measures put into place to keep students compliant with the COVID-19 policies. More measures include probation, canceling housing contracts, and more.

In order to have their building access reactivated by the university, can do one of two things:

  1. Get tested through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program or the University Health Service if they are symptomatic.
  2. Submit a request for an exemption if they believe they should not be included in the mandatory testing cohort.

To learn more about the M-Card deactivations, click here. 

Source: University of Michigan 

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