According to Ted Nugent, the Department of Natural Resources has hunters who want to bait deer in a stranglehold.

According to WOOD, legendary rocker Ted Nugent who is a prolific hunter, is trying to help Michigan hunters regain their baiting of deer privileges by backing legislation that would overturn the baiting ban that has been placed on deer and elk.

Nugent met with lawmakers on Tuesday and Uncle Ted brought up a great point and that is, the ban does not keep deer from "swapping spit." The Nuge went on to say that deer and elk eat from the same trees and plants.

The DNR baiting of deer and elk last year completely in the Lower Peninsula and even some places located in the Upper Peninsula. The reason the baiting ban was put in place was to try and help prevent spreading of chronic wasting disease. The ban included corn, carrots, sugar beets, mangoes, pumpkins, apples, salt and mineral blocks and more. There is a bill by Republican Rep. Michele Hoitenga of Wexford County that is on the table that would reverse the ban.

Nugent attended the actual House committee meeting regarding the bait ban. The funny thing is, even lawmakers refer to the Nuge as "Uncle Ted".

Hopefully Uncle Ted gets through to the lawmakers and they do the right thing.

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