A longtime resident at Binder Park Zoo has passed away.   Uno, a 17-year-old screech owl had lived at the zoo her whole life, since losing an eye.  Unable to return to the wild, “Uno” found a new home and a job with Binder Park Zoo.

“Uno” worked with the Zoo Education staff as an "ambassador animal", traveling with the Zoomobile Outreach Program as a "spokes-owl."  She appeared on hundreds of education programs and special zoo events.

Uno-3 Binder Park Zoo Photo

The Zoo said in a release that Uno was "humanely euthanized on June 8 after a rapid decline in her health."

"During her long life, the little screech owl made an enormous impact on students, educators, members and guests alike and was the inspiration to connect thousands of people to the natural world," the release said. "Uno will be greatly missed by the Binder Park Zoo staff, volunteers and friends."

The website owling.com says these owls can live in captivity of 20 years and in the wild, they can live to the age of 14 or so.  But most don’t make it through five years.

Uno-1 Binder Park Zoo Photo

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