There is no cemetery in Illinois that has a wilder variety of history than Rosehill. It's the final resting place of many of Abraham Lincoln's friends. Oh, and it might also include a vampire. Really.

One of my favorite YouTube places is Faces of the Forgotten. They recently did a walkthrough of the Rosehill Cemetery near Chicago with a man named Brittan who has a deep knowledge of the history of the area. One of the first graves they visit is Mary Sheddon. She was allegedly poisoned by her husband. The legend says you can see an image of her face in the granite of her stone.

But, it's next to her where this gets really interesting. The area of the cemetery next to her grave is where a Chicago doctor named Charles Dyer was called to. It was because of a woman who died in 1875. Her family believed she was a vampire because of constant dreams they were having and they had Dr. Dyer dig her up, remove the lungs and perform an exorcism ceremony.

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Ebenezer Peck and his wife were friends of Abraham Lincoln. They had Lincoln at their house for a party. As a matter of fact, many others who were at that party are now buried in the Rosehill Cemetery.

Faces of the Forgotten via YouTube
Faces of the Forgotten via YouTube

Perkins Bass is another friend of Abraham Lincoln who is buried nearby. He and others are just a small part of what is a fascinating burial place.

Rosehill Cemetery was created in 1859 and remains one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Illinois. It's an easy day trip if you desire a walk through history and memorials.

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