A TikToker allegedly stumbled upon a mysterious house fire in an abandoned Ohio neighborhood.

A young TikTok creator toured a creepy abandoned neighborhood near Columbus, Ohio called Whitehall.  It's unusual but not unheard of to find a completely empty neighborhood where nature has taken over man-made structures.  However, one key factor with this abandoned area is very different from the others.  This area was just left to the critters in 2019.  This was actually a thriving suburb for decades.  Most of the homes you see in the photos and video below were built in the 1950s.  The very clean and crime-free neighborhood of Woodcliff in Whitehall, Ohio took a turn in the late 1980s according to architecturalafterlife.com,

Growing tensions, along with the housing seeing few updates moving into the 21st century brought more trouble for the future of Woodcliff. Drug issues arose, bringing more crime to the neighborhood streets.

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Mysterious House Fire in Abandoned Ohio Neighborhood

Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

We have no idea how the fire got started.  There are theories in the comments of the original TikTok.  One theory is that the person filming started the fire themselves. Obviously, we have no proof of this and aren't pointing any fingers.  Either way, it's strange.

The Columbus Dispatch uploaded a drone video of the trashed neighborhood to youtube back in March.  They say that the neighborhood has been purchased and will soon be demolished.

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