Vince Neil is no stranger to legal entanglements with a laundry list of both major and minor offenses over the course of his life. The singer is now in hot water with his legal team and could soon be losing his representation in an ongoing assault case for failure to pay nearly $190,000.

According to The Blast, Neil’s lawyers at Howard & Howard Attorneys, PLLC filed documents accusing the rocker of refusing to pay a hefty amount in legal fees. The firm claims they have continued to work on the case even though Neil has not yet paid any invoices. The attorneys have warned the singer to pay up and are afraid if they can’t drop the case, they would be hit with a huge financial burden.

The claim filed by Howard & Howards Attorneys asked a judge to allow them to file a lien against Neil in the amount of $187,364.01 for services rendered. The judge has yet to make a ruling on the claim.

The lawsuit in question dates back to 2016 when a woman named Kelly Guerrero sued Vince Neil for assault outside of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. The woman states she approached the Motley Crue singer outside the hotel and asked for an autograph. Neil responded by grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the ground, which has been confirmed by the hotel’s surveillance system. At the time of the incident, Neil was with Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage, who attempted to calm down the singer.

Guerrero sued Neil for $150,000 claiming she has “substantial medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress.” She alleges to have sustained injuries, including neck pain, lower back pain, and a fractured tailbone.

In October 2016, Neil pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and paid a $1,000 fine and spent six months on informational probation and was ordered to undergo impulse control counseling. Meanwhile, the personal injury case is still ongoing and claims that Neil was “severely intoxicated and/or under the influence of powerful drug(s)” and brings up the singer’s 1984 vehicular manslaughter incident, which killed Hanoi Rock’s drummer Nicolas “Razzle” Dingley, the assault of a sex worker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in 2004 as examples of a “long history of self-centered, irresponsible, drunken, and violent behavior.”

Back in September, Motley Crue entered a studio to record four tracks. The songs are expected to be featured in the band's upcoming biopic, The Dirt, which will be released on Netflix in March.

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