We knew it all along. We're nice and we're friendly in Michigan and in the Midwest. But having an outsider tell us this is always nice.

A writer for Insider.com Frank Olito, a life-long New Yorker from Long Island and now Brooklyn, visited these parts for the first time and found out what most of us know (and sometimes forget). Life is a little slower here than in the busy parts, and we're genuinely nice.

Now the funny part is this guy thought we were a little too nice. That happens when you live in a place like New York and you get a little (or a lot) jaded. (I guess it isn't nice to say that, is it?)

What else did he learn on his first trip to Detroit and Chicago? It's hot here. Stop the presses! What? I suppose if he came in January, he'd have discovered it is cold here.

He also learned prices here are a little less crazy. New York is legendary for being expensive. This is a bad example, as who lives in a hotel, but I remember for years reading about ballplayers on road trips mentioning hundred dollar omelets for breakfast and similar prices. Note, if you get transferred here and can keep making the same amount of money, you'll make out just fine, thanks.

And finally, maybe because we know how special it is and how we feel about it, Olito mentions we love our nature. Well? Two words: Up North. Frank, you gotta get out more. Life is more than Yankees-Red Sox, thin pizza and the Jersey Shore.

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