I received this email this morning and felt compelled to pass it on.  Normally I read these on the air and sometimes "ban" the listener for not "getting it" or not having a sense of humor.  But these emails have been coming in more frequently which is why I responded the way I did as you'll see.

A girls volley ball trip to GR from Edwardsburg Michigan allowed me to listen to 107.7 a great station! Your signal in our area is a little stretched but I decided to listen again this morning. Wanting more great music I was instead treated a MSNBC Degrade of the President of United States. A President that is doing a great job. How unfortunate that 107.7 chooses to adopt a childish rendition of Saturday Night Live to run down President Trump. Many of your listeners are more then weary of the endless Trump bashing routine. I think somebody needs to get over the election results. Turning off over half of your listening audience will begin to erode revenue.

This was my response...

First, thanks for listening Jon.  I got the impression that you’re not a regular listener to the show which I’ve been doing for 28 years.  In all of those years we’ve prided ourselves as an equal opportunity offender.  No one is safe from our satire which most people like and some don’t.  That’s what makes America great; that we can do it and someone may not like it and that’s OK.  The right to listen or not listen is guaranteed in the constitution. That having been said, in the last 28 years we made fun of Clinton (and still do) for 8 years, Bush for 8 years, Obama for 8 years and now Trump.  In all of the previous years I can count on one hand the number of times someone responded to one of our bits this way.  Contrarily, every time we do a Trump bit we get, at least, one reaction like yours.  Circling back, we are an equal opportunity offender and will continue to mine comedy (or whatever someone will want to call it) as long as there are opportunities.  And personally, I’m not affiliated with any political party.  If I were it would be the Rationalist Party.  I look for the best ideas from wherever that happen to come.  Again, thanks for listening and your passion.

Mike McKelly

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