What song or songs would you have played at your Funeral?  For some strange reason I have thought about this topic before.   I'll blame Halloween for the idea popping into my head recently  It's morbid yes but a good question.

I hope to not have that happen anytime soon, but I have had a song picked out for while.   For me it would have to be Temple of The Dog and the song "Say Hello 2 Heaven".    The song was written by Chris Cornell as a tribute for Mother Love Bone Singer Andrew Wood, who died in 1990.

I have always liked the song and Mike McCready's solo is one of my all time favorites of his.

The only downside to using this song is that it's under 7 minutes long that would make it hard for those in attendance.  For it being that long it would probably be the only song I would use.

What Song or Songs Would You Have Played?