As I look out my window on this Monday morning and see snowflakes falling, I feel a little better about the lock down if only because the weather isn't enticing us to go outside.  The few recent nice days make us long for complete freedom and getting our lives back to normal.  In less than 3 weeks the current order will end but that doesn't mean we'll be free to go about our leisure life as before.  Plus it could get extended even longer. And for those who want to get out on the lakes, the DNR wants to clarify any confusion about dos and don'ts.

I saw a piece on and found a few things out.  Since we are allowed to fish, there has been some confusion.  First, motorized watercraft are prohibited.  They don't want people gathering to get gas, etc.  You can have more than 1 person in a boat but they have to be from your household.  And just so you know the executive order could hit you with a $1,000 fine.

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A Nearly Empty Kalamazoo

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