When Michigan voters take to the polls to decide Proposition 1, they'll be asked to approve the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. So why exactly does the state of Michigan spell it marihuana rather than marijuana?

Turns out the state is following federal guidelines, and the United States government has been going with marihuana since at least 1937 and the Marihuana Tax Act.

The state's department of Licencing and Regulatory Affairs actually has a full page explanation on its website.

The spelling of marihuana has a long history in the United States. Michigan’s history primarily starts from the spelling that was chosen for the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Michigan adopted its statutory definition of marihuana in the Public Health Code, utilizing the then current federal spelling.

Just how ingrained is the spelling? It would take an act of the state legislature to change the state's official spelling to marijuana.

An act of the Michigan Legislature would be required in order to change the spelling of marihuana in the Michigan statutes, such as the Public Health Code or the newer marihuana laws.

So until such time as your state representatives and senators take up the important marihuana vs marijuana spelling debate, cannabis is officially marihuana in Michigan.

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