The airlines and flying with them is very contrarian right now.  On one hand, the number of people flying is down 90%.  On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of confusion and controversy for the 10% who are flying.

It started with the ability of airlines to disinfect their planes.  Then we moved on to how to efficiently screen passengers.  Would that simply entail checking people's temperature or waiting for a more elaborate test to also identify those who are asymptomatic?

The next phase was social distancing by leaving seats unsold but that doesn't seem to be a policy that is being followed.  Recently, we've seen the videos of packed planes when airlines were supposed to limit capacity.  Along with that a very confusing and inconsistent mask policy between the airlines.

Now, the airlines and airports are discussing what is being called and "Immunity Passport"  Essentially, it's documentation or proof that a passenger is not infectious.  However, we've found that medical experts aren't exactly sure that we can definitively know if someone tests negative one day might not acquire the virus the next day.

In an article on, TSA is looking at temperature checks but are worried the already long lines would get even longer even at limited capacity.  If only it was as simple as the new Michigan drivers license that includes a traditional passport.  Unfortunately, those circumstances are not subject to change as with the coronavirus.

For now, status quo will stay in place and, like many things with the pandemic, we'll have to fly by the seat of our pants and hope everything works out alright.

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