When this whole thing started and restaurants and bars shuttered, we all worried that they would never survive.  Many managed to stay afloat with pick up and delivery but the jury is still out as to what the residual affects will be from such a long shut down.

So the push was to support local kicked in and once we were able to actually go back to our favorite places, the number of people to jump back in the pond, as it were, was less than hoped.  As much as we complained we couldn't go out to eat and drink, there was initial apprehension as to what we were getting into.

As we progress through July, we look back at the beginning of April thinking we'll certainly be clear by July right?  Wrong!  At a time when we could be down to few positive cases, they seem to be back on the rise.  But more than that, we're hearing about people we know and places we go.

There will be many who say we opened too soon.  I would say we didn't open too soon.  We got comfortable and complacent and forgetful too soon.  We let out guard down but not in a "this is a hoax" way.  We don't know how to act in this situation.  We've never been here before and, frankly, we're spoiled and want what we want and we want it now.

Karla and I will continue to support local and go out to eat.  We will look for places with outdoor seating and that have the proper protocol in place to keep people safe.  We'll  keep our masks on as long as possible and why wouldn't we?  It's just a mask and even though most people who get the virus don't die why risk it?  And not only that, who want's to get really sick?

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